Jan 28 2015

The Huffington Post

In questioning Lynch on Wednesday, Tillis indicated that he didn't think the Justice Department's "limited resources" should have been used to challenge the law, which he said he believes will ultimately be upheld. DOJ lawyers should go after the "bad actors, the hardened criminals," he said, and not him and the state of North Carolina.

"I would hope that there would be some focus on, 'Is that the best or highest use [of DOJ personnel],''' Tillis said.

Tillis also referred to previous comments that Lynch has made about voting rights in avideo making the rounds on conservative websites. In her earlier speech, Lynch talked about politicians who took over statehouses and tried to "reverse the goals that have been made in voting in this country." She said that the Justice Department has "looked at these laws and looked at what’s happening in the Deep South," and she suggested that some people were trying to "take back so much of what Dr. [Martin Luther King Jr.] fought for."

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