Feb 25 2015

Fayetteville Observer

Amid criticism over measures to mothball the 440th Airlift Wing based at Fort Bragg's Pope Airfield, Air Force spokesman Col. Robert Palmer has fired back with assurances that steps taken include "no actions prohibited by law."

An Air Force Reserve Command team is assisting 1,200 airmen in finding other jobs, even though Congress passed a measure to keep the unit's planes at Fort Bragg. Moving pilots and crew isn't the same as moving planes, explained Palmer.

As Sen. Thom Tillis' communications director, Daniel Keylin, noted, "Only in Washington can bureaucrats believe that C-130s can fly themselves without pilots and maintainers."

The word for this kind of argument is a "dodge". It may all be technically legal, even if it's the opposite of what Congress had in mind. But it's still a horrible command decision.

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