Feb 18 2015

New Bern Sun Journal

Tillis, who was a top level corporate executive, said that what he sees from the Washington perspective is that “the economic recovery is not a recovery. It just means it isn’t measurably worse.”

He said that what must be done to assist a turnaround, and to provide for the best defense, including the repeal of budget sequestration, “is difficult, but is not complicated. Republicans have to do a better job keeping us grounded in conservative ideals.”…

…“We need your patience,” Tillis said. “This is the second largest Republican majority in years, but we still need six votes in the Senate to have 60. We are going to have to play chess instead of checkers.”

By moving in increments, he said, conservative goals can be accomplished.

“I don’t think that it will take a decade to repair what this president has done,” Tillis said.

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