Mar 24 2015

The Air Force canceled a February meeting due to bad weather. The only makeup dates offered have been when senators were scheduled to be out of town.

One might almost get the impression that the secretary is playing games.

The Air Force's official response to why it's disobeying a law that prevents the 440th from being dismantled is that nothing expressly forbidden - removing planes - is happening because only pilots and crew are being eliminated. That also seems like playing games.

"That does not pass the laugh test unless the Air Force Reserve Command expects the Pope C-130s to be converted to drones - no pilots, no air wing," Sen. Thom Tillis said.

These sorts of games are problematic because other people aren't playing. Secretary James, a graduate of Duke University, is no stranger to North Carolina and she ought to understand the importance of the 440th to the mission of Fort Bragg, and why losing the wing has serious implications for our national security.

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