Mar 25 2015

Previously, officials had said they were working toward shutting down the unit, opening a clearinghouse to allow airmen to find new jobs within the Air Force Reserve before eventual inactivation this fall.

Tillis rejected those claims in a statement.

"The Air Force continues to state that removing airmen from the 440th does not constitute an attempt to shutter the air wing, despite the fact that C-130s cannot be flown without pilots and maintainers," he said.

Both Ellmers and Tillis said the Air Force needs to provide the "metrics and policy rationale underlying the Air Force's decision."

"I will continue to require Air Force leaders to be more transparent with the public and Congress regarding their decision-making and hold them accountable for decisions that lack a strategic justification or violate the spirit of last year's NDAA, which mandates that Congress be informed before the Air Force acts to close the 440th," Tillis said.

He was referring to part of last year's National Defense Authorization Act that halted the movement of C-130s pending a report to Congress.

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