Apr 10 2015

“I think that generally speaking at least for the North Carolina facilities- we have some issues in other facilities- when they get admitted, when they get appointments, they get pretty good care,” said Tillis. “And the average veteran prefers to be treated in a VA facility. The problem is one of capacity and unacceptable wait times. The length of time in some of our facilities varies. But we have down in Fayetteville somewhere around 30 days. And that's unacceptable for a lot of conditions, maybe not all of them. But that average is something that concerns us.”…

…Tillis says for him this is just step one. He plans to go back to Washington and meet with the new VA secretary and continue the discussion about VA facilities. He says there are still clear questions that need to be answered.

“Why is this backlog as long as it is? How can we best provide care to a veteran? In the most warm accommodating environment possible? Because we owe it to them,” said Tillis.

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