Apr 30 2015

Frustration at the VA’s reform pace came out in remarks from Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., who praised the VA workers in his home state. “Most of the solutions are good things already going on in the VA,” he said.

Tillis then proposed that the committee approach the VA like the “board of directors” of a private company with national markets. “It is our fiduciary responsibility to voters to make sure we don’t become a disabler,” he said. “We need to step back and instead of having hearings and chasing shiny objects, we start looking at the VA on a holistic basis.” Senators need to “be embedded in an enterprise transformation strategy to address these problems over the long term,” he said. That means finding “very specific action threads and a strategic timeline to actually produce results,” he added.

Tillis asked whether a “member of the other side” would agree and appoint a committee members to help with such a project. Blumenthal agreed.

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