Jun 29 2015

Good for U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina for his bipartisan effort to ensure that victims of forced sterilization nationwide who receive compensation won’t suffer adverse effects in federal benefits they might receive.

North Carolina, with a lot of help from Tillis when he was state House speaker, became the first state in the country, this past October, to begin payouts to victims of a forced sterilization program.

Tillis, who rightly gave credit to Democrat Larry Womble of Winston-Salem for his work on compensation while Womble was in the state House, told our editorial board last week that he has been talking with his fellow senators about the issue.

On this page, we often disagree with the stances of Tillis. But we have often said that his commitment to sterilization compensation was sincere. And we’re glad he is following up on it on a national level.

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