Jun 6 2015

Tillis also spoke at the convention and addressed federal and foreign affairs issues. He defended his involvement in a letter sent to the Iranian government voicing concerns about President Barack Obama’s nuclear negotiations.

“I’d sign it again today and maybe we should,” he said of the letter. “We need to make it very clear to the Iranian leaders that they’re wrong.”

And Tillis had strong words about problems at Veterans Affairs facilities. “We have failed our veterans,” he said. “The problem with the VA has very little to do with the VA health clinics. It has to do with the bureaucracy that is preventing these health care providers from doing what they need to serve veterans.”

Tillis briefly addressed the close race for N.C. Republican Party chairman, calling for party unity. “Treat it like a good football game,” he said of the election. “When the decision’s done, let’s all come back together as a Republican Party.”

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