Jun 9 2015

Tillis told the Sun Journal in a telephone interview that an additional 2,500 to 5,000 visas will be authorized. He added that he has actively reached out to the Obama administration for several weeks seeking an explanation as to why the cap was reached unusually sooner than in previous years.

“DHS seems eager to help the illegal (immigrant) population get acclimated but doesn’t seem to place a priority on American businesses that need these people to come and work in our seafood processing facilities — not only in North Carolina like Don Cross’ packing company, but packing companies across the coast,” Tillis said earlier…

“We all agree that the current process is broken,” Tillis said. “Not only is it a threat to filling these jobs, but it is a threat to filling all of the American jobs that feed that process like the commercial fisherman, the people involved in transportation, and retailers. There are number of American workers’ jobs at risk if we don’t get this right on a more reliable basis...”

Jerry Schill, president of the N.C. Fisheries Association, joined Cross in thanking Tillis for his efforts.

“This business is hard enough without the road block that bureaucratic agencies put in place whose only purpose seems to be for them to justify their existence,” Schill said. “It’s very obvious to us that the senator and his staff are very concerned about our plight and working hard to solve the problem.”

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