Jun 8 2015

Reflecting upon his first five months in office, Tillis highlighted the passage of the budget on time for the first time in six years prior to the Republicans taking control after the 2014 election, The freshman senator said he is personally most proud of the passage of a bipartisan amendment he introduced which would require C-130 H cargo planes that have been upgraded through a modernization program to be moved to Fort Bragg. He also expressed that the effort required Democratic support. The amendment passed the Senate 48-44.

Tillis outlined his views on foreign policy, particularly Iran, saying “I will not support anything short of Iran never being able to have a nuclear weapon. If they threaten our freedom, we’ve got to go where they are to end it.” He underscored the importance of ensuring that the military has the resources it needs, saying it is his job as a senator to make sure “no man or woman in uniform ever goes into a fair fight.”

The senator also discussed a number of issues related to veterans, saying “The problems are not with the health clinics, the problem is with the bureaucracy doing what they need to get votes.” He said he believes the solution lies in providing veterans with choice. Specifically, he said there is more than one information system controlling administration in veteran facilities, making uniform progress and proper measurement of this progress difficult. Tillis serves on both the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs committees.

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