Jun 7 2015

After a bruising campaign against Democrat Kay Hagan, Tillis is trying to earn his stripes as a pragmatist in the Senate.

"I've spent most of my time reaching across the aisle," he said. "What I'm really trying to do is make sure I understand the priorities and how we can put the limited funding to best use."

Tillis has worked to expand worker visas for North Carolina businesses and preserve a fleet of C-130 cargo planes at Fort Bragg. But he has also opposed President Barack Obama on surveillance and health care issues.

While in the Triangle for the North Carolina Republican Party convention in Raleigh this weekend, he said he's still adjusting to the pace and processes of Capitol Hill, which he said doesn't move as fast as the General Assembly, where he spent the past four years as state House speaker.

"I've come to embrace the fact that we move more slowly for a reason," he said.

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