Sep 6 2015

I come at it from a true conservative point of view,” Tillis replied. “It’s an example of government’s intrusion in people’s lives. If we can look at imminent domain, the taking of people’s property, as a government intrusion, I can’t think of any more profound governmental intrusion than this, the taking of someone’s right to reproduce.

“There are human beings out there who are still haunted by this. I’m embarrassed I didn’t know anything about it.”

Here’s something else to consider: when Tillis was running for Senate in 2014, he could have used his role in providing compensation for political gain, as a way to tout his pro-life, conservative bonafides. But he didn’t.

As a U.S. senator, there are surely other issues that demand time and attention. Yet Tillis continues to educate his colleagues and work behind the scenes to help people who were run over by the state, no matter how long ago.

“It takes a relatively small amount of time,” he said. “I’m just carrying on what Larry started. … Doing nothing was bad. We need to give (victims) some level of closure.”

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