Oct 22 2019


A North Carolina Republican chaired a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the impact of sanctuary cities on public safety and victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants released in sanctuary jurisdictions.
“Many sanctuary jurisdictions, including a handful of counties in my state of North Carolina, have adopted sanctuary policies where they no longer communicate lawful detainer requests and release notifications to ICE,” said Senator Thom Tillis. “Many of these jurisdictions have released violent and dangerous criminal illegal immigrants back into our communities after being arrested by local law enforcement for serious crimes. These reckless sanctuary policies are putting our brave law enforcement officers at risk and the general public in harm’s way.”
The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina Andrew Murray testified at the hearing.
Tillis has introduced a bill giving victims of crime committed by illegal immigrants the right to file a civil lawsuit against any political unit whose actions caused them harm. It would also require a jurisdiction to waive immunity as a condition of receiving certain federal grants.”
“I want to thank Senator Tillis for bringing this to the Judiciary Committee’s attention, I look forward to trying to send a signal to sanctuary communities when it comes to violent criminals that they need to change their game,” said Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in the hearing.
Recent data shows that nearly 500 illegal immigrants were released from North Carolina jails over the last 10 months after being charged with crimes like sex offenses, kidnapping, arson and homicide and Tillis says the illegal immigrants were released from jail after local sheriffs refused to comply with detainer requests made by ICE.

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