Nov 14 2019


The first of several public impeachment hearings was another chapter in a "very long saga" of trying to reverse President Donald Trump's 2016 election, and most Americans are "wising up" to that fact, Sen. Thom Tillis said Thursday. 
"The American people are tired of the House getting nothing done," the North Carolina Republican said on Fox News' "America's Newsroom," while singling out the standstill on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. "There is not a lot of work that this Congress can do...they are not chewing gum and walking in the House right now."
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had several weeks to get the USMCA passed, and "she knows that when she does it, it will get passed," said Tillis. "There's a lot of work that this Congress can do."
He pointed out that there are many Americans, including in his own state, that need USMCA to be approved, as it will "create jobs and get the economy continuing to move in the right direction."
"They are doing nothing except satisfying their obsession with trying to impeach our president," said Tillis.
Meanwhile, Pelosi, in a press conference that was going on while Tillis was being interviewed, said Thursday the testimony presented Wednesday showed Trump had committed bribery in his dealings with Ukraine. 
"What I thought first off I thought that finally, she understood that assistance to Ukraine was a good idea," said Tillis. "She was silent when President (Barack) Obama only sent them blankets...this president is authorized hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukrainians, actually a lot of that flowed subsequent to the (July 25) phone conversation without any work on the part of the Ukrainians." 

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