Dec 12 2019

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) announced Wednesday he has secured $1.821 billion for North Carolina military installations, including for Hurricane Florence recovery and construction projects.

The money is part of the final National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, according to the senator’s release.

“North Carolina’s military installations continue to play a crucial role in protecting the United States against threats all across the world,” Tillis is quoted as saying in the release. “I’m proud that I was able to secure more than $1.8 billion in authorized funding for North Carolina, which will support our brave men and women in uniform and help Camp Lejeune recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence.”

For FY2020 military construction, Camp Lejeune will receive a total of $238.06 million for the following projects:

?Def-Wide Camp Lejeune SOF Marine Raider Regiment HQ - $13.4M

?Navy Camp Lejeune 10th Marines Himars Complex - $35.11M

?Navy Camp Lejeune 2nd MARDIV/2nd MLG Ops Center Replacement - $60.13M

?Navy Camp Lejeune 2nd Radio BN Complex, Phase 2 (Inc) - $25.65M

?Navy Camp Lejeune ACV-AAV Maintenance Facility Upgrades - $11.57M

?Navy Camp Lejeune II MEF Operations Center Replacement - $92.2M

MCAS Cherry Point will receive $251.72 million:

?Navy MCAS Cherry Point Aircraft Maintenance Hangar (Inc) - $73.97M

?Navy MCAS Cherry Point ATC Tower & Airfield Operations - $61.34M

?Navy MCAS Cherry Point F-35 Training and Simulator Facility - $53.23M

?Navy MCAS Cherry PointFlightline Utility Modernization (Inc) - $51.86M

?Navy MCAS New River CH–53K Cargo Loading Trainer - $11.32M

?Dining Facility - $12.5 M

?SOF Assessment and Selection Training Complex – $12.1 M

?SOF Human Platform-Force Generation Facility - $43 M

?SOF Operations Support Building - $29 M

Camp Lejeune will receive $703.09 million for the following projects related to Hurricane Florence recovery:

?Navy Camp Lejeune Courthouse Bay Fire Station Replacement - $21.336M

?Navy Camp Lejeune Hadnot Point Fire Station Replacement - $21.931M

?Navy Camp Lejeune Hadnot Point Mess Hall Replacement - $66.023M

?Navy Camp Lejeune II MEF Simulation/Training Center Replacement - $74.487M

?Navy Camp Lejeune LOGCOM CSP Warehouse Replacement - $35.874M

?Navy Camp Lejeune LSSS Facility Replacement - $26.815M

?Navy Camp Lejeune MC Advisor Battalion HQS Replacement - $30.109M

?Navy Camp Lejeune MCCSSS Log Ops School - $179.617M

?Navy Camp Lejeune NCIS Facilities Replacement - $22.594M

?Navy Camp Lejeune PMO Facility Replacement - $34.718M

?Navy Camp Lejeune WTBN Headquarters Replacement - $18.644M

?Def-Wide Camp Lejeune Ambulatory Care Center (Camp Geiger) - $17.821M

?Def-Wide Camp Lejeune Ambulatory Care Center (Camp Johnson) - $27.492M

?Def-Wide Camp Lejeune MARSOC ITC Team Facility Replacement - $30M

?Navy MCAS Cherry Point Physical Security Compliance - $52.3M

?Navy MCAS Cherry Point BT–11 Range Operations Center Replacement - $14.251M

MCAS New River will receive $465.822 million:

?Navy MCAS New River C–12W Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Replacement - $36.295M

?Navy MCAS New River Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Replacement - $62.104M

?Navy MCAS New River CNATT Classroom Building Replacement - $114.706M

?Navy MCAS New River CH–53K Maintenance Hangar Replacement - $252.717M

Hurricane Florence recovery funding totals $1.235 billion.