Dec 4 2019

Washington Post

The U.S. military’s top brass faced tough questions and harsh criticism Tuesday at a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee as lawmakers drew attention to poor living conditions at privately run housing complexes on military bases across the country.

It was the latest skirmish in an ongoing scandal that has shaken public confidence in the Defense Department’s oversight of taxpayer-funded, privately managed complexes that house military families.

Over the past year, service members and their spouses have drawn attention to housing complexes that are infested with mold and sewage. They say such conditions have been allowed to persist because some profit-minded contractors have consistently ignored maintenance requests, enabled by a systemic lack of oversight from the Defense Department.

... One lawmaker asked why no one has been indicted over the issue. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), whose state is home to Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune and the Army’s Fort Bragg, asked when the Defense Department would start bringing contractors to court over breach of contract, to which McCarthy replied: “We might be there right now, sir.”

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