May 29 2019

Spectrum News

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are working on legislation aimed at boosting oversight of privatized military housing. The efforts come as a new report highlights problems that families are experiencing in military housing.
  • The plan includes $301 million for oversight efforts plus a 'Tenant Bill of Rights'.
  • The MFAN recently released a new report highlighting issues with privatizing military housing.
  • Many respondents at both Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune described experiencing maintenance issues or mold problems at their homes.

The plan - added to the annual defense bill by the Senate Armed Services committee - includes $301 million for oversight efforts plus a 'Tenant Bill of Rights,' according to a summary released by the committee.
Sen. Thom Tillis, R-NC, who is on the committee, said military housing amounts to a force readiness issue.
“It’s not just about the condition of that house - it also affects the condition of the man or woman in uniform,” Tillis said. “You can’t go away knowing that you’ve left your family with that situation, and think that that’s not a distraction that makes them less safe.”

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