Sep 9 2019


Senator Thom Tillis was in eastern North Carolina on Monday to visit those impacted by Hurricanes Florence and Dorian.
Tillis first went to a filling station in Pollocksville to see how the town is rebuilding a year after Florence caused severe flooding in the area.
The filling station, which helps members of the community in need, showed Tillis their food pantry, community garden and volunteer area.
Tillis said hearing from community members and officials will help him make sure communities still suffering from Florence are not forgotten.
“We’ve got a post office right down the street that’s a year since it’s been closed that needs to get back open,” he explained. “We have a lot of grants being asked for to rebuild; we need to get that done.”
After visiting Pollocksville, Tillis traveled to Emerald Isle to visit those impacted by a tornado that touched down there Thursday morning during Hurricane Florence. He got a tour of the Boardwalk RV Park and spoke with its residents, including those who lost their homes in the storm.
Tillis said seeing the destruction firsthand will allow him to better serve the area.
“We’re trying to clear the way here for them to get back power, and ultimately get new units back in there, but we’ve got to work across the state,” he said. “We had seven different touchdowns across the state. We’ve got to quantify them and it’s our job to make sure those needs get addressed and that’s why I’m here.”
Tillis said he will be working with emergency management, FEMA and the state to put together damage assessments, so officials can decide how much funding they can provide to people who need it.

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