Mar 31 2020


On Tuesday, March 31st Senator Thom Tillis held another telephone town hall to answer questions from North Carolinians about the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.
News 13 also spoke one-on-one with Senator Tillis to ask him some of your questions that are coming into our I-Team Coronavirus Help Desk.
One viewer asked, “if someone owes back taxes will those taxes be taken out of the check or will they receive the full amount?”
Senator Tillis said they should receive the full amount and that the stimulus check is not a taxable benefit.
He also said those checks will begin going out within two to three weeks and if you opted for electronic deposit when filing taxes in 2018 or 2019, the money should be credited to your bank account.
If you did not file taxes in 2018 or 2019, he explained what to do. “You can go to the IRS website and file a free form for 2020 so that the IRS has your contact information and then they can determine if you’re eligible for the economic stabilization funds,” said Senator Tillis.
Dozens of viewers have reached out to News 13 about experiencing problems when trying to file for unemployment.
Senator Tillis said no state was prepared for the number of jobless claims coming in. He recommended filing online and having patience as the unemployment office works through the backlog. “People are working very hard and you have to understand that they’ve got an increased need for work at a time when they themselves may have fewer people in the office. I know that they are doing all that they can,” he said.
Senator Tillis said unemployment benefits are administered at both the federal and state levels. For those going on unemployment, Senator Tillis said the federal government plans to also provide $600 weekly, in addition to state benefits.
Plus, he said the federal government is trying to provide some coverage for those who normally are not eligible for unemployment insurance, like independent contractors.

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