Jul 22 2020

As we monitor the Atlantic this hurricane season, I encourage you to review your hurricane plan. Check your disaster kit, review your evacuation plan, and ensure you have the tools you need to stay informed.  


Due to COVID-19, hurricane prep will be a little different this year. Below is some information on preparing for a hurricane during a pandemic. 

  • Review Your Evacuation Plan: Shelter locations may have been adjusted due to the pandemic. If you are planning to use an emergency shelter, check the location and follow these tips to make your stay even safer. Ensure you have also planned for your pets.
  • Stay Informed: Make sure you know where to find the most up-to-date and accurate information. Click here to view a listing of emergency alert services. You can also download apps from the Red Cross

For additional resources please visit readync.orgready.gov and the Red Cross. You should also follow your county emergency management agency on social media and sign up for their alerts. You can find your local emergency management agency by clicking here.