Aug 12 2020


As the new school year approaches, we need to find a way to keep students, teachers, and staff safe while also making sure our children are getting a quality education. Not only do disruptions to in-person learning have substantial impacts on a student’s education and create significant learning deficiencies, they can also interrupt crucial supportive services students and their families rely heavily on, such as school nutrition and afterschool programs. 

I strongly support making sure our federal and state government are investing in the safety and education of our K-12 students. That’s why I’m pushing for federal funding for schools in the next COVID-19 relief package and why I support proactive safety measures, many of which have been outlined by the state of North Carolina and the CDC: 

  • Conduct symptom and daily temperature screenings for any individual entering school facilities and buildings.
  • Ensure alternative remote learning and operational plans for high-risk students and educators.
  • Establish a process for potential students/staff who become sick and develop reporting procedures.
  • Ensure that school policies are flexible, adaptable, and quickly responsive as they regularly and clearly communicate and monitor developments regarding levels of viral transmission and cases with state and local authorities, employees, and families.

It is my highest priority to ensure that schools are safely opened as soon as possible in a way that protects the overall health and well-being of all students, families, educators, and school employees. When physical reopening is not possible, we need to make sure students are receiving the highest quality education possible. 

Thank you for reading, and as always please reach out to my office if you have any questions or need help with a federal agency and please stay safe.