Promoting Clean and Renewable Energy

Thom has been a longtime supporter of the solar industry, which supports 7,621 jobs, provides nearly $7 million in economic impact, and powers more than 530,000 homes across the state.

During his time in the North Carolina General Assembly, Thom worked to negotiate a 12.5% renewable portfolio standard for the state. This was an important step that allowed North Carolina to become a leader in renewable energy with tangible goals for integrating new technologies in the grid. North Carolina now serves as an example for other states wishing to diversify their energy infrastructure, increase resiliency, and reduce costs to rate payers by integrating renewable energy generation sources.

Thom has continued these efforts in Congress, urging the Trump Administration to consider the negative impact solar tariffs are causing to the growth and investment in North Carolina’s solar industry. He has advocated for “right-sizing” the tariff so our state can continue to create better-paying jobs and develop innovative renewable technology.

The 4th National Climate Assessment report serves as a glaring reminder of the long-term risks of climate change. Both parties need to work together to deploy an innovative, market-driven strategy to combat the impacts of climate change.

Senator Thom Tillis

Protecting Our National Parks from Federal Negligence

North Carolina is home to the most visited National Park in the country, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Thom has worked to craft legislation to help address the staggering issues at the National Park Service, joining his colleagues to introduce the bipartisan National Park Restoration Act, which uses revenues from energy production on federal lands to help pay for the over $11 billion maintenance backlog at our national parks.

Thom also worked to promote the Restore Our Parks Act, compromise legislation that unites the goals of the National Park Restoration Act and the National Park Service Legacy Act to reduce deferred maintenance projects at national parks and bring economic stability to the surrounding areas. That $11 billion backlog still includes $215 million for projects in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as additional backlogged projects across the state.

Thom assisted Swain County’s long fight to receive the funds it was owed from the North Shore Road settlement, and Thom helped secure a $35.2 million reimbursement that was owed to county. Tillis helped the Interior Department make good on the nearly 80-year promise to repay Swain County for the damage caused when the federal government flooded its communities in 1940s.

Developing a Resilient Energy Grid to Protect Our National Security

Thom has also worked to increase the energy independence and resiliency of military installations. Renewable energy generation sources can enhance our military installations’ ability to respond to wide range of threats, from cybersecurity vulnerabilities to natural disasters. Thom has worked to highlight the benefits of using renewables to develop advanced energy micro-grids at military facilities in North Carolina and across the nation.