Thom’s Work on Immigration Solutions

Senator Tillis has established himself as a national leader pushing for secure borders and a merit-based immigration system, working to break decades of gridlock and inaction from Republicans and Democrats.

Advocating for secure borders

Thom understands that President Biden’s refusal to secure the border has led to record levels of illegal immigration and has allowed dangerous cartels to smuggle illegal drugs that are poisoning Americans across the country, including in North Carolina.

That’s why Thom has fought against the failed policies of Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden, and why he has pushed for solutions to secure our border once and for all.

To address the crisis at the border, Thom introduced the Solving the Border Crisis Act, which would:
  • Immediately resume border wall construction;
  • Make the Remain in Mexico program permanent;
  • Disapprove of a Biden administration rule allowing asylum officers to hear asylum claims instead of immigration judges;
  • Establish a sense of Congress that the President declare a national security emergency at the southern border;
  • Establish minimum staffing levels for immigration enforcement, border patrol, and field operation agents;
  • Ensure sufficient detention facilities are funded for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to meet requirements

Leading the fight against dangerous sanctuary city policies

Thom has been a national leader in the fight against sanctuary cities where liberal politicians in North Carolina have refused to comply with lawful detainer requests meant to keep dangerous and violent criminal illegal immigrants off the streets.

Thom introduced the Immigration Detainer Enforcement Act, legislation that would clarify DHS' detainer authority, clearly establish the authority of states and localities to maintain custody in cases in which a detainer has been issued, and incentivize cooperation between law enforcement agencies and DHS through the reimbursement of certain detention, technology, and litigation- related costs.

Thom also introduced the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act, legislation that holds sanctuary jurisdictions accountable for failing to comply with lawful detainer and release notification requests made by federal authorities and jeopardizing public safety.

Governor Cooper’s support for sanctuary policies has already enabled local liberal politicians to release hundreds of violent criminals back into North Carolina communities over the last several years, including one criminal who caused a 9-hour standoff shortly after being released that unnecessarily put the lives of police officers at risk. Liberal governors and local officials who refuse to take crime seriously are exactly the reason why I’ve introduced federal legislation to put an end to dangerous sanctuary policies.

Senator Thom Tillis