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All residents of North Carolina should know that my regional offices are here to help you when a federal agency isn’t being responsive or accountable. My staff can serve as your personal advocate by stepping in and corresponding directly with the government on your behalf. If you or someone you know is having an issue with a federal agency, please don’t hesitate to contact my office. Over the past four years, my office has helped thousands of North Carolinians dealing with the VA, Social Security Administration, expediting a passport, and much more! As your United States Senator, I will continue to work hard and deliver results for every North Carolinian.

Delivering for North Carolinians

Since taking office in January 2015, my office has resolved over 66,502 cases on behalf of North Carolinians.

12,000+ Veterans Assisted

Are you a veteran in need of assistance? My office has resolved more than 12,000+ cases for North Carolina veterans on a wide range of issues, from helping secure appointments at the VA to resolving pending disability claims. If you’re a veteran, or you know a veteran who is having any issues with the VA, please make sure the next call you make is to my office.

6,370 S.S. & Medicare Recipients Assisted

Are you a Social Security or Medicare beneficiary? If you’re having issues receiving your Social Security or Medicare benefits, please contact my office. We have resolved over 6,370 cases for North Carolinians who needed assistance with these programs, and we stand ready to help you navigate through the bureaucracy and red tape.

Need help resolving an issue with the IRS?

My office has resolved more 4,870 cases for North Carolinians on a wide range of IRS issues, and we stand ready to help you navigate through the bureaucracy and red tape.

13,583 Immigration Cases

Do you or a relative need help with an immigration-related issue? My office has resolved more than 13,583 cases for North Carolinians with the Department of State and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

20,917 Passports Expedited

Are you traveling out of the country? My staff has assisted in expediting passports for more than 20,917 North Carolinians. If you’re traveling out of the country in the next two weeks, contact my office. For more information on expediting your passport, click here:

7,200+ Tours for North Carolinians

Visiting DC? My DC staff has assisted in setting up tours of the U.S. Capitol, White House, Library of Congress, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and Federal Bureau of Investigation for more than 7,200 North Carolinians.

Remarkable Outcomes for North Carolinians

Lonnie, a former U.S. Army Drill Sergeant, had been working with one of my constituent advocates for years on issues with the VA. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Lonnie thought he would never accomplish his lifelong goal – becoming a Marine. While Lonnie loved training recruits for the Army, he always felt the Marines “didn’t play around.” After hearing his story, my staff contacted the Marines at Parris Island to set up a two-day, behind-the-scenes visit to the infamous Marine training facility. Working with the Greensboro Rotary Club and the non-profit Angel Flight, Lonnie was able to fly down to Parris Island to experience the training program first-hand. Lonnie was even awarded the Tan Belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of dozens of people, including my staff, this veteran was able to serve his country once again.

Lonnie (third from the left) pictured returning from Parris Island.

Lonnie on the flight returning from Parris Island.

Phil, a 96-year-old WWII Purple Heart veteran, contacted my office in need of a VA pension with aid and attendance benefits and assistance with a service-connected disability claim. Phil and his family had previously been unsuccessful in getting the claims resolved with the VA. My staff immediately went to work, obtaining military records to be used in support of his claim. My staff then contacted the VA and were successful in scheduling an expedited exam for Phil.

Following the exam, the VA gave Phil a favorable decision for his pension claim with aid and attendance, awarding him over $18,000 in back pay. Due to Phil’s age and health, my staff also requested that he be able to utilize the VA Choice program to receive care quickly and locally. The VA approved our request, and he soon began care with local health care providers.

Jane reached out to my office in dire need of assistance after receiving a 30-day eviction notice. She had applied for Social Security Disability two years prior, and the claim was still pending review with no resolution in sight. My office contacted the Social Security Administration on her behalf, and within two weeks, her claim was finalized. Jane then received retroactive disability benefits, saving her from eviction.