Feb 26 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) today released the following statement on Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch:

“I have immense respect for Loretta Lynch both personally and professionally. However, in light of the testimony at her confirmation hearing and her subsequent refusal to provide straightforward answers to written questions from myself and other Senators, it appears that she would represent little, if any, tangible policy or management difference from Attorney General Eric Holder. I cannot vote to confirm a nominee who will not make a firm and explicit commitment to reverse the partisan politicization that presently exists at the Department of Justice.  

“By all indications, Ms. Lynch would continue to pursue the costly and frivolous lawsuit against the state of North Carolina to overturn a commonsense and constitutionally sound voter ID law. That same law is supported by the vast majority of North Carolinians, and the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that similar state photo ID laws are in fact constitutional.

“Ms. Lynch also made it clear she supports President Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants on a wholesale basis without Congressional approval.  The President himself previously and frequently stated he lacked the constitutional authority to unilaterally implement such changes to immigration law and that Congress would need to pass it first.

“In addition, Ms. Lynch has repeatedly sidestepped questions about prosecutorial misconduct at the Department of Justice.

“For these reasons, I will not be voting to confirm Ms. Lynch. In the event that she is confirmed by the Senate, I stand ready to work with her on key areas of agreement, and I hope she will prove my concerns unfounded by rebuilding the Department of Justice’s fractured relationship with Congress, put an end to the costly and politically motivated ligation against North Carolina, and most importantly, restore the Department’s reputation for legal integrity that is divorced from politics.”