Jun 24 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) spoke on the Senate floor to discuss the ever-failing Affordable Care Act and why President Obama’s current “one-size-fits-all” approach is simply not affordable and will not help deliver a health care system that works for everyone.

Senator Tillis reiterated the need for health care to be decided upon and implemented at the state level, providing local, accountable and affordable coverage. With the King V. Burwell Supreme Court ruling looming, the Senator called for a fix to health care once and for all and in a manner that gives patients more control and better quality of care.

“I’m not interested in litigating this. I’m not an attorney, I’m a businessman. I’ll leave the lawyering to others. When I look at King V. Burwell, I don’t see a legal battle, I see an opportunity. It may sound trite, but I see hope,” said Senator Tillis. “The court may give us the chance of a generation. The chance to fix health care once and for all. We can’t fix ObamaCare, but we can fix health care.”

Watch the Senator’s full floor speech here: