Sep 16 2015

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) today issued the following statement on the filibuster of a vote of disapproval of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, noting that the President has still failed to submit side agreements to Congress, which he is required to do by law:
“Earlier this year, both parties came together to reach a near-unanimous consensus that because any nuclear deal with Iran would have such far-reaching national security implications, it deserved a full debate and a vote in Congress. This resulted in the passage of The Iran Nuclear Review Act, which was signed into law by President Obama.
“Unfortunately, the final agreement reached between the P5+1 powers and Iran is fundamentally flawed. It will ultimately pave Iran’s path toward a nuclear weapon, free billions of dollars in assets that can be used to fund Iran’s global terror network, and jeopardize the safety and security of the United States, Israel and our allies in the Middle East. This is the same Iranian regime led by a ‘Supreme Leader’ who last week declared that Israel will not exist in 25 years and once again referred to the United States as ‘the great Satan.’
“It is a sad state of affairs when President Obama and Senate Democratic leaders resort to a hyper-partisan effort to stifle debate and deny the American people their promised opportunity to have the final say on the Iran nuclear deal through their duly-elected representatives. The least they can do now is support an amendment that makes the lifting of economic sanctions on Iran contingent on the Iranian regime’s release of the innocent Americans they are unjustly imprisoning, as well as their recognition of Israel’s right to exist.”
“The American people should know that while President Obama claims tomorrow is the deadline for Congress to act on his deal with Iran, the fact is the Iran Nuclear Review Act he signed into law requires him to submit all side agreements to Congress before the 60-day review period begins, which he has failed to do. Once the President follows the statute and submits the side agreements to Congress, I look forward to seeing another vote on the Iran nuclear deal.”