Nov 17 2016

Today, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) delivered a Senate floor speech to bring attention the human and economic damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and the need for Congress to help North Carolina during the recovery process. Senator Tillis spoke about his experience touring parts of North Carolina that were devastated by Hurricane Matthew and listening to the stories of victims who have had their lives negatively impacted.
Days after Hurricane Matthew made landfall in North Carolina, Senator Tillis surveyed property and infrastructure damage with N.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. Senator Tillis and his staff also volunteered a day with the American Red Cross in Wallace and Rose Hill, assisting with meal preparation and relief efforts for Hurricane Matthew victims. Last week, Senator Tillis visited Fayetteville where he toured hurricane-damaged neighborhoods with Mayor Nat Robertson, visited a Habitat for Humanity Village, and met with FEMA officials.
Tillis on the devastation of Hurricane Matthew:
“I hope the family and friends of all the victims know that millions of North Carolinians and people across the nation are praying for them and their recovery. The loss of life alone was devastating but that is not the total story. Hurricane Matthew was a massive storm. It was 1000-year rainfall event and a 500-year flood event for Eastern North Carolina. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes and move into shelters. Many are still in temporary housing and thousands of homes are not habitable. The storm flooded areas that were well outside of 100-year flood plains so many home owners did not have flood insurance.” [WATCH HERE]
Tillis on the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew:
“Matthew has been a life-changing event for many North Carolinians. Relatives and friends who lost a loved one in the flooding. Families who lost their homes. Small business owners who no longer have a place to work and employ others. Farmers who have watched their once fertile land become unproductive. I share these stories because North Carolina will need help.” [WATCH HERE]
Tillis’ message to North Carolinians:
“More than anything else I want to make sure the victims of this storm know that they have people working for them. We are going to make sure this great body and this nation come to their aid in this time of crisis.” [WATCH HERE]