May 13 2016

Tillis’ NDAA amendment would eliminate the two-year time limit for military spouses who move from base to base to seek federal employment on that base

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) announced that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was passed by the Senate Armed Services Committee last night, includes his amendment to close the two-year time limit loophole for military spouses who move from base to base and seek federal employment on that base.

Currently, a military spouse only has two years to invoke the military spouse preference from the date of the service member’s permanent change of station orders, which are issued well in advance of a military family arriving at a new duty station. Combined with the demands of raising children, adjusting to new surroundings, and the actual availability of federal jobs, many military spouses have missed consideration for employment or have had job offers withdrawn because they lost eligibility. 

The Tillis amendment would have an immediate impact on the quality of life for military spouses and their families. The amendment would also further strengthen the partnership between the Department of Defense and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) by providing consistent language to address the countless e-mails, phone calls and inquiries on the two-year time limit from military spouses seeking employment.

“Military spouses already make vast personal and professional sacrifices in support of their families and our nation, and they should not be burdened with arbitrary limitations that make their lives more challenging,” said Senator Tillis. “My amendment will provide more freedom and flexibility to military spouses by letting them pursue federal employment at a time that is most convenient for them and their families.”