Jan 29 2017

"America has always been a home for refugees fleeing persecution and seeking freedom, and it should continue to be. It’s why I’ve been an outspoken supporter of programs like the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa program, which allows Afghans who supported America’s mission in Afghanistan to apply for refuge in the United States.
"As we offer safety to refugees, we must also be mindful of the sad reality that radical Islamic terrorists are actively attempting to infiltrate refugee programs to enter Western nations. The FBI director has warned Congress that the United States lacks the capability to properly vet all Syrian refugees. This is a significant vulnerability, and strengthening the screening of refugees is a matter of national security.
"While the executive order does take immediate action aimed at tightening the refugee screening process, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the order, particularly given the instances of green card holders inexplicably being denied entry back into the United States.  The order should be refined to provide more clarity and mitigate unintended consequences that do not make our country any safer."