Apr 5 2017

Today, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) appeared on Fox News Channel to discuss the Democrats’ filibuster of Judge Neil Gorusch and the need for Republicans and Democrats to work together on bipartisan solutions in the Senate.
Watch or download video of Senator Tillis’ interview.

Tillis on why Judge Gorsuch should be confirmed to the Supreme Court:
“We went through 20 hours of committee hearings and Neil Gorsuch’s qualifications on the bench and resume overall are impeccable. Democrats are trying to create shiny objects and red herrings to get us off the path of getting him confirmed but he will be confirmed.” 
Tillis on using the nuclear option for legislation in the future:
“What we want to do is tamp down any notion that there is broad support for doing the same thing for legislation. I think the 60 vote threshold is what makes the U.S. Senate different than any other institution so we need to give people confidence we are not going down that path.”
Tillis on the need for the Senate to end the partisanship and produce bipartisan results:
“I have had a lot of discussions with Democrat members over the last week or two trying to get the behavior of the Senate back to a bipartisan feel as we move forward of healthcare and a number of other things we need to get done.”