Jan 10 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) appeared on MSNBC with Hallie Jackson to talk about reaching a deal to secure our borders andprovide a solution for the DACA population.

Click HERE to watch the interview.

On President Trump’s meaning of the “wall”:

“President Trump said more than once that he doesn’t view ‘the wall’ as a monolithic structure that goes over 2,000 miles, but instead it is a people, technology, and infrastructure approach. I hope the media recognizes that so we can dispel this myth that we are going to build the Western Hemisphere equivalent of the Great Wall of China.”

On President Trump’s desire to reach a deal:

“President Trump also said he is willing to negotiate on a number of other things. He said is willing to look to the next phase of immigration reform because we can’t make the DACA/border security deal comprehensive, and that he is willing to work with us to reach a deal. President Trump is worried about finding a long-term solution for the DACA population because he genuinely cares and has a compassionate point of view for them.”

On the next phase of immigration reform:

“The phase involves coming up with a solution for the remaining illegally present population, guest worker programs, and the next phase of security such as asylum reform. We just cannot try and include these in the current negotiations and go down the path of comprehensive reform because it has failed every time over the last 20 years.”