Apr 17 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senators Richard Burr, Heidi Heitkamp, and Thom Tillis introduced Senate Resolution 464 recognizing April 26, 2018, as “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” The resolution, marking the 25th Anniversary of the program, encourages parents across the country to bring their children to work to empower and inspire them through the example they set in their professional workplaces:

“The key to every child’s bright future is in their education. ‘Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day’ exemplifies the tangible results of a good education, and shows each child what they’re working towards,” said Senator Burr. “I couldn’t be more proud that the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation calls Elizabeth City, North Carolina home. With 40 million kids involved annually, I know this program will only grow and continue to help show each child his or her full potential.”

“For decades, the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work program has given thousands of children across the country the valuable opportunity to learn firsthand from their parents about potential jobs and career paths. Not only has the program exposed children to the workforce, but it has reinforced the importance of supporting working parents and creating workplaces that prioritize a fair and respectful work-life balance,” said Senator Heitkamp. “ I’m proud to support this critical program as it works to recognize the hard work of parents and mentors to support their families. And by allowing students to explore a variety of occupations, we are boosting our long-term economic security and underscoring the time-tested value of hard work.”

“Bringing children to work can be an invaluable experience that can help shape the child’s work and educational goals,” said Senator Tillis. “The Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation based out of Elizabeth City, North Carolina has developed into a great program that has impacted kids all across the country, and I am proud to co-introduce this legislation with Senators Burr and Heitkamp to recognize the participants of this important initiative.”

Text of the Resolution:

Whereas the Take Our Daughters To Work program was created in New York City as a response to research that showed that, by the 8th grade, many girls were dropping out of school, had low self-esteem, and lacked confidence;

Whereas, in 2003, the name of the program was changed to “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work” so that boys who face many of the same challenges as girls could also be involved in the program;

Whereas, in 2018, the mission of the program, to develop “innovative strategies that empower girls and boys to overcome societal barriers to reach their full potential”, fully reflects the addition of boys;

Whereas the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has grown to be one of the largest public awareness campaigns, with more than 40,000,000 participants annually in more than 3,500,000 organizations and workplaces representing each State;

Whereas, in 2007, the Take Our Daughters To Work program transitioned to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, became known as the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation, and received national recognition for its dedication to future generations;

Whereas, every year, mayors, governors, and other private and public officials sign proclamations and lend support to Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day;

Whereas the fame of the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work program has spread overseas, with requests and inquiries being made from around the world on how to operate the program;

Whereas 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work program;

Whereas Take Our Daughters And Sons to Work Day will be observed on Thursday, April 26, 2018; and

Whereas, by offering opportunities for children to experience activities and events, Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day is intended to continue helping millions of girls and boys on an annual basis to examine their opportunities and strive to reach their fullest potential: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate—

(1) recognizes the goals of introducing our daughters and sons to the workplace; and

(2) commends all participants of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day for the—

(A) ongoing contributions that the participants make to education; and

(B) vital role that the participants play in promoting and ensuring a brighter, stronger future for the United States.


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