Dec 19 2019

Designates $1.6 Billion to N.C. Military Installations for Damage Caused By Hurricane Florence

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, North Carolina Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr voted to pass a year-end appropriations package that sends billions of dollars to North Carolina’s military installations, expands health care choices for veterans, and provides security funding for the 2020 RNC Convention in Charlotte.

The package includes a number of wins for North Carolina and the country, including:

  • $2.2 billion for North Carolina’s military bases; including more than $1.1 billion for Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point and New River to recover from Hurricane Florence
  • $8.9 billion for implementation of the VA Mission Act;
  • $50 million in security funding for the 2020 RNC Convention in Charlotte;
  • $1.4 billion for border wall funding;
  • $3.8 billion increase to combat opioid addiction;
  • $500 million for programs under the Violence Against Women Act;
  • $550 million for rural broadband expansion;
  • Additional $1.5 billion in agricultural disaster assistance that was unspent from the Fiscal Year 2017 is being reprogrammed to help farmers impacted by 2018 and 2019 natural disasters
  • $400 million increase for USDA state disaster block grants;
  • $43 million in additional funding to help address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS);
  • The highest level of HBCU funding ever.

“This legislation is a major win for North Carolinians, especially our servicemembers, military families, and veterans,” said Senator Tillis. “I’m proud of the billions of dollars we secured to upgrade North Carolina’s military installations and provide desperately-needed funding for Camp Lejeune to recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Florence. I’m also proud of the provisions that will improve the health care options for veterans, help secure the southern border, and combat the opioid epidemic that is impacting so many families across North Carolina.”

“After giving a boost to our Armed Forces with the passage of the NDAA earlier this week, Congress today approved a funding bill that delivers big wins for North Carolina,” said Senator Burr. “I’m proud this funding package includes my legislation providing much-needed tax relief to families and businesses still rebuilding from the devastation left by Hurricanes Florence and Michael. It also includes my provisions to improve access to life-changing medical treatments by modernizing Medicare reporting and payment requirements, increase funding for Alzheimer’s and cancer research at the National Institutes of Health, and enhance our biodefense countermeasures. I applaud my Senate colleagues for supporting these important measures and I look forward to this legislation being signed into law.”

Senator Tillis previously secured a $1.8 billion authorization for military projects for North Carolina in the FY2020 NDAA, which passed earlier this week. This spending package appropriates the funding for these projects and an additional $461 million for disaster funding for North Carolina’s military. 

Grand Total for North Carolina Military Installations: $2,198,316,000

FY2020 Military Construction for North Carolina Installations - $554.183 Million

Camp Lejeune - $238.06 million

  • Def-Wide Camp Lejeune SOF Marine Raider Regiment HQ - $13.4M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune 10th Marines Himars Complex - $35.11M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune 2nd MARDIV/2nd MLG Ops Center Replacement - $60.13M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune 2nd Radio BN Complex, Phase 2 (Inc) - $25.65M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune ACV-AAV Maintenance Facility Upgrades - $11.57M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune II MEF Operations Center Replacement - $60M 

MCAS Cherry Point - $240.40 million

  • Navy MCAS Cherry Point Aircraft Maintenance Hangar (Inc) - $73.97M
  • Navy MCAS Cherry Point ATC Tower & Airfield Operations - $61.34M
  • Navy MCAS Cherry Point F-35 Training and Simulator Facility - $53.23M
  • Navy MCAS Cherry PointFlightline Utility Modernization (Inc) - $51.86M
  • Navy MCAS New River CH–53K Cargo Loading Trainer - $11.32M

MCAS New River - $11.32 million

  • Navy MCAS New River CH–53K Cargo Loading Trainer - $11.32M

Fort Bragg – $96.6 million

  • Dining Facility - $12.5 M
  • SOF Assessment and Selection Training Complex – $12.1M
  • SOF Human Platform-Force Generation Facility - $43M
  • SOF Operations Support Building - $29M

FY2020 Military Construction for Hurricane Florence Recovery - $1.183 Billion

Camp Lejeune - $703.09 million

  • Navy Camp Lejeune Courthouse Bay Fire Station Replacement - $21.336M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune Hadnot Point Fire Station Replacement - $21.931M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune Hadnot Point Mess Hall Replacement - $66.023M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune II MEF Simulation/Training Center Replacement - $74.487M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune LOGCOM CSP Warehouse Replacement - $35.874M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune LSSS Facility Replacement - $26.815M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune MC Advisor Battalion HQS Replacement - $30.109M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune MCCSSS Log Ops School - $179.617M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune MCES Applied Instruction Facility Replacement - $95.599M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune NCIS Facilities Replacement - $22.594M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune PMO Facility Replacement - $34.718M
  • Navy Camp Lejeune WTBN Headquarters Replacement - $18.644M
  • Def-Wide Camp Lejeune Ambulatory Care Center (Camp Geiger) - $17.821M
  • Def-Wide Camp Lejeune Ambulatory Care Center (Camp Johnson) - $27.492M
  • Def-Wide Camp Lejeune MARSOC ITC Team Facility Replacement - $30M

MCAS Cherry Point - $14.251 million

  • Navy MCAS Cherry Point BT–11 Range Operations Center Replacement - $14.251M

MCAS New River - $465.822M

  • Navy MCAS New River C–12W Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Replacement - $36.295M
  • Navy MCAS New River Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Replacement - $62.104M
  • Navy MCAS New River CNATT Classroom Building Replacement - $114.706M
  • Navy MCAS New River CH–53K Maintenance Hangar Replacement - $252.717M 

USMC Operations and Maintenance Disaster Funding - $461 Million

  • Hurricane Florence additional FSRM - $330M
  • Other Operations and Maintenance - $58M
  • Procurement for replacement IT and Interim Facilities - $73M