Apr 26 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  Recently, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) and eight of his colleagues introduced legislation to improve the quality and timeliness of Federal permitting and review processes with respect to critical mineral production on Federal land. The current Federal permitting process has been an impediment to mineral production and the mineral security of the United States. Permitting times in the U.S. rank among some of the longest in the world and are a threat to our national security and economy.

“It’s imperative to our national security and economic growth that the United States have a robust domestic critical mineral supply chain,” said Senator Tillis. “This commonsense legislation is key to achieving that goal. I am proud to work with my colleagues so we can improve transparency within the permitting process, strengthen our domestic mineral supply, and stop relying on outside resources.”

Bill Highlights:

The legislation improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the Federal permitting and review process by requiring federal agencies to:

  • Establish clear timelines for decisions regarding applications, operating plans, leases, licenses, permits, and other use authorizations for critical mineral-related activities on Federal land.
  • Create clear, quantifiable permitting performance goals and to track progress toward those goals.
  • Engage in early collaboration with agencies, stakeholders, projects sponsors, and to consult with State, local, and Tribal governments to resolve concerns.
  • Provide clear and logical ways to make the process more cost-effective and timely.