May 20 2021

Today, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) issued the following statement on Speaker Pelosi’s partisan commission to investigate the events around January 6th:
“January 6th was a dark day in American history that should never be repeated, and every single person who broke the law should be held responsible. The Department of Justice has already charged more than 400 individuals, and I fully support this ongoing investigation.
“The committees of jurisdiction in the Senate are currently conducting their own investigations and preparing reports on the January 6th attack, and to date these efforts have been bipartisan. On the other hand, the current commission proposed by Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats appears to be a platform to score partisan political points instead of facilitating a good faith, bipartisan review of the facts.  The antics we have seen from House Democrats over the last few days, including their attempt yesterday to politicize the Capitol Police and mislead the media and public, made their motivations very clear.
“While I have full confidence in the current DOJ investigation and Senate efforts that appear to be on a bipartisan track, I have no confidence in Speaker Pelosi’s proposal, which is why I will vote against it.”