Nov 15 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C Senator Thom Tillis and his colleagues recently introduced the Department of Veterans Affairs Billing Accountability Act, bipartisan legislation to protect veterans from outdated or incorrect Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) billing.

“This important legislation ensures that veterans receive affordable, quality healthcare by waiving late co-payment fees for medications and other healthcare services,” said Senator Tillis. “I am proud to co-sponsor this legislation on behalf of the more than 600,000 veterans that call North Carolina home.”


This legislation would give the VA the authority to waive veterans’ copayment requirements for medication, care, or certain services if the copayment notification was received more than 180 days after care or services. It would also require the VA to notify the veteran of copayment requirements no later than 180 days from when the veteran received care. Finally, the legislation would require the VA to review and improve its co-payment billing procedures.