Sep 19 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Thom Tillis appeared on Fox News to discuss the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border and slammed the failed policies of the Biden Administration fueling the crisis.

Watch the full interview here

Tillis on the surge of illegal crossing at the Southern border:

“We have got to stop the illegal flow of immigrants across the Southern border. It's gotten worse and worse. In August, we saw the greatest number of family units cross in the history of the country. We just saw a report in the prior segment here about a one-year-old who died at a day care facility and illegally present person was apparently involved in the fentanyl trade that was going on in a day care facility. That’s a ‘got-away.’ What we’re not talking about are the tens of thousands of people who are not presenting themselves to border security. They are sneaking into this country, and you have to ask yourself, because it's so easy to get released now, why are they doing it? The obvious answer is that they are criminals and they're making neighborhoods, our communities, the Hispanic communities, the communities that they're moving to once they cross the border unsafe. It is a disaster, and I lay it all at Biden’s feet, because it was under control in the prior administration.”

Tillis on the failed policies of the Biden Administration:

“Well, I think a part of what you’re seeing is the cartels playing this administration like a piano. They advertise in foreign countries that they can get you to the United States. They pay a fee to the cartels, to the tune of almost a billion dollars a year, over $800 million, their most profitable line of business, and they’re getting people across the border. I think they're probably seeing thousands of people in Central Park, people going to Chicago. They’re not hearing the mayor saying it’s a crisis and it's unsustainable, but I think that they're seeing an entry on the Southern border that gets them anywhere in this country, and they’re responding to that. And they have got an administration that's aiding and abetting the problem. For this administration to say that they have told people not to return, it's disingenuous. It became disingenuous when he started taking down the policies that were working in the Trump Administration. We need to get them back. It’s also dishonest to say that it takes a lot to fix it. So much of the problem was created by bad decisions by this president and his administration.”