Jan 26 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Thom Tillis and 25 of his Republican colleagues criticized the Biden Administration for pausing all pending non-FTA export permit applications at the behest of the radical climate lobby. The letter to President Biden and Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm comes in response to the administration’s announcement to re-evaluate the criteria to approve permits for liquified natural gas (LNG) export projects. 

“We write to express deep concerns with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) review of criteria necessary to approve permits for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects and the potential pause to all pending non-FTA export permit applications. This ‘LNG Plan’ drafted without input from Congress could have significant economic, environmental, and national security consequences domestically and globally. It would be reckless to jeopardize our advantage, especially in a world where energy is frequently being used as a geopolitical weapon,” wrote the senators. 

“U.S. LNG exports have served as a vital lifeline for countries in Europe and across the globe. Nearly half of U.S. LNG exports have been delivered to Europe to date, with a significant increase in exports following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. When European imports of LNG increased by 60 percent in 2022, U.S. LNG met that demand. Without U.S. LNG exports, European leaders would have to decide between depriving their own citizens of energy or actively funding Russia’s war on Ukraine,” continued the senators. 

“Limiting U.S. LNG exports do not have any impact on the world’s demand for natural gas. Instead, countries including Russia and Iran will simply produce more energy that is subject to less stringent environmental regulations. As a result, limiting American LNG exports in the name of stopping climate change could do just the opposite and add to global emissions,” concluded the senators. “We strongly urge you to stop this shortsighted effort. As the President of the United States and as the Secretary of Energy, you should be championing – not undermining – American LNG exports and the environmental, economic, and national security benefits to the United States and our allies.”

Read the full letter here.