May 13 2024

WAHINGTON, D.C. – Recently, Senator Thom Tillis and 47 of his fellow Republican Senate colleagues introduced a resolution that condemns any action by the Biden Administration to withhold or restrict ammunition or weapons for Israel. 

“President Biden’s decision to withhold crucial aid to Israel and capitulate to the radical far-left is shameful,” said Senator Tillis. “Turning our back on one of our strongest allies weakens America’s reputation on the world stage, emboldens Hamas, and runs contrary to our national security interests. President Biden needs to follow the laws Congress passes and immediately reverse this reckless decision.”


Specifically, the resolution:

  • Condemns any decision by the Biden Administration to halt the shipment of United States made ammunition and weapons to the State of Israel.
  • Demands that the Biden Administration continue to fulfill the military aid requests from the State of Israel in order to provide the weapons needed to defeat Hamas and defend against attacks from the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies.
  • Reaffirms the importance of the long history of the United States providing military aid to the State of Israel and willingness to expedite delivery of such aid in times of crisis.
  • Upholds the commitment of the United States to the State of Israel’s security and long-term prosperity. 

Full text of the resolution can be found HERE.